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About Me

Bobbie Latter is an experienced Blue Badge guide with 36 years’ experience of working in the holiday, leisure, travel & tourism industry.

She started touring in around 1980 for Global Tours (Bromley), taking tourists to Ehrwald in Austria.  She spent the next 15 years working in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland over the next 15 years, working for Wallace Arnold (Leeds), DA Tours (Culross), AT Travel (Glasgow), TWA Getaway (Bromley) and Supreme Holidays (Southend).  Highpoints were the Rhine Cruise for Wallace Arnold (the year the Rhine flooded!) and two tours to Normandy with private groups of NVA Veterans from Scotland, during which she was made an “honorary member of the NVA” by the Rossyth Branch of NVA.

She is highly skilled in tour management, time management, working with tour operators, public speaking, working with the general public, entertainment and translation. She has 7 languages and currently guides in English and French; hopefully also German very soon.

She loves creating and presenting new tours for visitors so that tours are always fresh.  She has written scripts for costumed comedy walks and performed them at the Windsor Festival, and has also co-written a guide book about Windsor. She is an avid fan of Midsomer Murders (and Downton Abbey) and has extensively studied the "Midsomer County" area (the beautiful Chilterns) and the “Downton Abbey” area (around Newbury) to be able to take visitors around the filming locations.

Her delivery is a bit of a mixture of a performance and a guided tour, where the audience is invited to participate and enjoy a laugh and a joke, at the same time as learning all about the area of focus. Past clients from her European touring days will remember her famous picnics and the telescopic feather duster, used in times when she needed to be seen above the crowd!

Bobbie gained her NVQ Level 4 in tour guiding from the Southern Tourist Board in 2001 and has been a Blue Badge Guide in the 6 counties lying west of London since then.

One of her greatest joys has been the study of British Sign language, in which she has reached Level 2 and she continues to strive to improve on that!

She loves all things creative and enjoys working in batik on silk, producing hand-painted silk scarves, mandalas and other bespoke wall hangings. She sometimes gives demonstrations of bobbin-lace making.